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The UTS team is comprised of individuals and organizations that have right combination of hands on experience and training to perform effectively and efficiently. If you are considering working us, you probably want to accelerate your program, expand your team for a while, or develop something completely new. We excel at doing the heavy lifting for you and expanding your capability short or long term. Each one of our team members is easy to work with and will blend into your operations seamlessly.

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The UTS Team

Joe Ambrosio
General Manager and CTO

20 years experience in alternative fuel transportation. Former GM/CTO ElectroMotive Designs LLC, President and CTO of Odyne Corporation, Director of Engineering for APACE, CTO of Neocon Technologies. Joe’s tenure in the alternative fuel transportation industry includes design, development, and integration of a variety of liquid and gaseous fuel systems, battery energy and thermal management, APU systems for HEVs (fuel cell, micro turbines, and internal combustion engines). Seven battery and thermal management related US patents issued. Joe has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from New York Institute of Technology.

Mike Kuhl
Mechanical Engineering Manager

Mike is an integral member of the UTS managment team that creates and integrates the mechanical aspects of what we do on a system and sub-system level. He has also spearheaded the mechanical development of numerous energy storage system (ESS) modules for various applications, for low and high voltage applications using lithium, NiMH, and ultracapacitor cells. Mike’s experience and knowledge of chassis structures for vehicles ranging from non-road utility vehicles to heavy duty buses and trucks is exceptional. His experience in combining advanced energy storage with vehicle structures makes him a leader in the area. Mike has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stony Brook University.

Hugo Pedernera
VP of Renewable Energy

Hugo has seventeen years of experience in all facets of solar photovoltaic project development and management as well as other renewable energy sources. Expertise in project analysis, design, strategy, planning and logistics of large commercial and utility scale systems. He is able to balance multiple projects while meeting aggressive deadlines. Strong mechanical and electrical background combined with a “can do” problem solving approach, leads to a solid experience in assessing, designing, building and commissioning small and large PV systems. Hugo is an effective team leader with the ability to delegate and communicate at any hierarchical level with professionalism and integrity.

Frank Reganato
Principal Engineer

Frank is a specialist in mechanical packaging, structural/thermal design and analysis and reliability analysis of electronic equipment and structures utilized in both the military and commercial industry. For more than forty years he has been responsible for the mechanical design and structural/dynamic analysis of electronic/avionic/optical systems for ground, shipboard, airborne and space applications. Frank’s broad experience base coupled with his working knowledge of structural finite element analysis (FEA) modeling software (i.e., ANSYS, NASTRAN etc.) and thermal finite difference modeling software (I.e., Sinda, Thermal Desktop etc.) has resulted in providing packaging design and analysis expertise for hardware exposed to severe environmental extremes. Frank’s design work has resulted in providing equipment, which exhibited structural integrity while maintaining optimum strength to weight design at minimal cost.

Danielle Ambrosio
Managing Member

Danielle has over 15 years of experience in startups and getting companies and technology programs off the ground. Danielle’s has a Bachelors of Science from Molloy College. Her tenure in the medical industry has exposed her to high technology procedures and products that require a high degree of care and control since lives are on the line. Danielle’s role has been in managing teams in new technology trials and developing reports and presentations to the medical industry and manufactures. As managing member of UTS, Danielle oversees operations, human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable, vendor management, and proposal writing. Under her leaderships we will grow into new business segments and markets while expanding our team with long term strategic relationships.

Joshua Romero
Project Engineer

Josh has a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stony Brook University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook. Josh’s current coursework consists of design and analysis of thermo fluid systems and control systems, with a focus on emerging energy technologies. His undergraduate capstone Mechanical Engineering Design was a payload deployment UAV designed and manufactured as a multi-rotor aircraft capable of lifting and remotely releasing its payload. Josh is experienced in manufacturing processes including CNC machining and has an affinity for additive manufacturing. Josh also attended Suffolk Aviation Center where he graduated with an Airframe Aircraft rating working on single engine, multi-engine and rotor aircraft. Josh is a member of the Stony Brook chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).


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