Advanced Vehicle Support

As Early Adopters and Trailblazers know, working with cutting edge technologies has its drawbacks.  Especially those on the forefront who utilize the latest automotive electric and hybrid technologies. UTS remains “on-call” supporting these advanced technologies, keeping these vehicles in tip-top shape, even as technology quickly changes from year to year.

Supporting fleets of all sizes, makes and models, UTS provides customized technology solutions and services that includes the ability to revamp, update and modernize older propulsion systems. For those who’ve invested in green machine technologies and purchased fleets of vehicles, UTS customized technology updates restore these vehicles enabling them to regain and get them back to their initial efficiency levels. UTS takes pride in working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to keep advanced vehicles running smoothly as the technology evolution continues forward.  In order to help customers maintain or salvage their vehicle investments, UTS provides reverse engineering services in cases where the OEM has gone out of business, or when advanced technology doesn’t economically support the customer’s changing operational environment. We’ve also helped customers in these situations restore vehicles back to their original propulsion systems, enabling them to recoup and protect their initial vehicle investments.

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