Product Development and Commercialization Partnerships

Partner with UTS to develop your product ideas and quickly move them into reality!  UTS provides detailed engineering development support

services and works with you throughout every step of the product development process, from concept through manufacturing. Unlike other

engineering consulting firms that focus on one engineering discipline, UTS takes charge of
electrical, mechanical, software and testing related needs. We’ll ensure the best design is implemented to meet all your product solution and business requirements.
Whether your product is just an idea that’s been stuck in the planning stage or a rough prototype, UTS will drive design completion, testing, and through the final stage of production. UTS product development expertise ties detailed customer requirements, design methodologies, testing and manufacturability all together. Since UTS provides all the necessary engineering disciplines and the latest tools and techniques under one roof (EE, ME, CS, SW designs, prototypes, test & production), we’ll get the job done right, quickly and efficiently – all at an affordable price.

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