Research & Development

Do you have ongoing projects but not enough staff or in-house technical expertise to tackle research and development of key elements for your new product solutions?  Concerned about meeting target release and scheduled delivery dates, due to the length of time it would take to develop key components of new product offerings?  Or, is your company simply looking for more cost-effective alternatives to hiring dedicated research and development staff for temporary, short term needs? If so, UTS is the perfect solution for your needs. Research and development is part of the UTS culture and one of our main core competencies. The UTS team specializes in conducting research and development across a wide range of technologies and is how our company was initially established.

The engineering team at UTS started with the creation of advanced energy storage systems, embedded controls and electrical propulsion systems.  Our combined 25 plus years of R&D expertise is the primary foundation of our organization and the building blocks of the solutions we’ve created for a myriad of clients. UTS network connections run wide across many technology platforms, and we collaborate regularly with a diverse set of industry leaders.  Some of our current relationships include the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA), the U.S Federal Government, national electric and gas utility companies, as well as several Universities throughout the Unites States. UTS continues conducting research and development supporting a variety of commercial and government programs that provide highly specialized solutions. Our network of solution partners helps to keep UTS on the forefront of cutting edge technological advances, while continually honing our staff’s extensive skill sets.

UTS’ engineering capabilities include conducting detailed investigations, creating feasibility studies and analyses to determine the efficacy of utilizing new technology for specific applications through integrating new techniques and materials to develop unique, high performance components.  We then combine computer modeling and simulations with laboratory and real-world field testing to determine required performance levels for newly developed solutions. Our R&D expertise has translated many ideas into patents and other intellectual property, as well as resulted in the creation of technical publications, white papers and lectures at industry events.  Our success has not only gained the trust of our customers and industry partners, it has also contributed to the overall growth of the industry. We’ll provide the same level of performance to support your company’s needs and develop solutions that will supplement and complement your company’s product offerings too.

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