Test, Validation, Design Review and Benchmarking

If your products need testing, or require independent 3rd party performance verification, validation or benchmark services to keep your competitive edge; our proficiency and expertise in this area will certainly help. UTS expert engineering staff analyzes and defines critical test criteria independently, or by working in conjunction with your company’s personnel.

For benchmarking services, UTS will conduct balanced, unbiased and impartial side-by-side comparison testing and validate test results, before issuing detailed examination reports of our findings. UTS will also work with your company to refine or redesign issues uncovered during testing, further enhancing your product’s functionality and competitive edge.  UTS has extensive experience in transforming prototypes into products by performing rigorous pre-production testing in laboratory environments, or out in the field.  We work with a variety of dedicated organizations to evaluate designs against environmental challenges, such as temperature extremes, vibration, moisture, humidity, dust ingress, electrical noise interference, as well as other environmental factors. In addition, we perform in-house pre-testing that cost-effectively assesses your product’s viability before formal testing begins. UTS also provides detailed product design review services, as well. Having an independent product design assessment completed of your product can provide your company with insight and awareness that you may not have otherwise been aware of previously.

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