Project Management

If your company has a need for professional Project Management services, whether for internal or external operational support, UTS can provide the appropriate resources required to accommodate your needs. Contract with UTS to provide management support throughout all phases of your company’s project.  When a Project Manager is assigned to Initiate your project, they’ll start by identifying and documenting detailed project goals, quality acceptance criteria, and primary stakeholder involvement that will be required throughout the project. Once these principle items are fully agreed upon and accurately documented, detailed project planning commences. The completion of the Planning stage results in an agreed upon statement of work (SOW), budget and development schedule. As the project moves through the Execution phase, resources are carefully monitored, initial audits performed, ensuring project deliverables are developed accurately and remain on schedule. Any requested changes to the SOW, budget or schedule are formally analyzed, reviewed, with decisions made to implement or not by appropriate stakeholders. Any project modifications are thoroughly documented, prior to any changes being made.  Approved changes may result in updates to the SOW, budget and development schedule. Final testing and quality control analyses are conducted on each project deliverable through the Monitor and Control phases. After project deliverables are formally inspected and accepted by the customer, the project is formally Closed.  Following these primary guidelines ensures a successful project outcome for all stakeholders involved.  Ask UTS how we can help to successfully manage your next mission critical project.

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